Welcome to the Shire Bar – Pub in Killarney

The Shire….. In The Lord Of The Rings, The Shire is the homeland of the Hobbits and is located in the Northwest of Middle Earth in the region of Eriador and within the Kingdom of Arnor.

But in the town of Killarney in the Kingdom of Kerry, “The Shire” is located in Michael Collins Place… where Ollie Favier is the “Head of the Hobbits”.

With Traditional Irish Music sessions every Wednesday 9pm till late and Live Music every Sunday from 7-9pm there is something for everyone to enjoy here at The Shire.

Once entering The Shire Pub in Killarney, through the Hobbit Hole you will be met at the Snug, where you will be guided through our low archway leading into our bar area.

We promise you there is no presence of Orcs here, only our friendly Hobbit-themed staff to wait on your every need.

This is where our 3 Shire Beers are available; Frodo’s Lager, Bilbo’s Beer and Gandalf’s Ale. We also serve a local Killarney brewed Blonde Ale. Our in-house Cocktail “Hobbit Juice” (whose ingredients will remain anonymous), is always a good crowd pleaser and we have recently added some new cocktails to our menu; Middle Earth Mojito, GinliMordorita and Smeagol On The Beach are now available to try. For more information check out here.

We also have our “Shire Shots” – Fires of Mordor, Kings of Gondor, Nazgul and Get Legolas.

We also have Dressed Gin & Tonics (Hendricks, Tanqueray, Gordons, Dingle and Bombay Gins available). For more information check out here.

As you follow further down through our archway, you will enter our highly acclaimed Party area

Feel free to give us a buzz and reserve this area.

The Shire Bar – The best of Middle Earth in a Killarney Pub!


The Shire Gourmet Burgers - Served from 1pm to 8.30pm (Wed-Sat) & 12pm to 8.30pm (Sun). All produce is locally sourced

Now serving food at The Shire Bar. Gourmet Burgers, sides, desserts, Teas & Coffees. Served from 1pm to 8.30pm (Wednesday – Saturday) and 12pm to 8.30pm (Sunday).

Come on in and try them out for yourselves. You won’t be disappointed!