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Find Frodo Fridays

Find Frodo Fridays

Have you got snapchat?
Do you visit The Shire most weekends?
Do you like FREE stuff?
Do you think you know Killarney?

Well we have a simple fun way for you to win prizes every week starting this Friday and every Friday for the foreseeable future. WIN anything from a hand-holding session with one of the lads to a bar tab or some of our Shire merchandise (Also coming soon shhhh….)

So here it is….

Add us on snapchat (theshirekerry), where every Friday, we will post a clue of where Frodo is. You don’t have to move.. you just simply send in where you think he is to our Facebook page via messenger PRIVATELY.

Enter as many times as you like; first correct answer wins the prize of the week!

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