The Bar

Home of our Shire Beers….


Bilbo’s Beer

American Pale Ale, crisp and refreshing with orangey citrus undertones finishing clean and dry. 4.5% ABV.


Frodo’s Lager

Cold Lagered Kolsch. This Kolsch-style beer is crisp, clean and refreshing. 4.2% ABV.


Gandalf’s Ale

The Old Man loved the Irish Red Ale! This Irish Red Ales is a nice, malty beer with caramel, coffee and chocolate flavours and a gentle hop balance. It is a deep ruby red colour. 4.2% ABV.


€2.80 for a Glass/ 1/2 pint and €5.00 for a Tankard


We also have a locally brewed IPA from Killarney Brewing Company for €5.50

Shire Shots

Fires of Mordor
A Blend of Amaretto and Southern Comfort.

Kings of Gondor
Cointreau and Peach Schnapps with a drop of Grenadine.

Sambuca and Kahlua topped with Baileys.

Get Legolas
Layers of Grenadine, Vodka and Blue Curacao.

All just €4.90 each

Shire Gin & Tonics

We now also have a collection of Shire Gin & Tonics:

Dingle €5.20

Bertha’s Revenge €6.20

Gunpower €6.20

Hendricks €6.30

Brockmans €6.90


Whitley Neil €6.30

Tanqueray €5.80

Tanqueray 10 €6.80

Monkey 47 €9.80

Shortcross Irish Gin €5.80

Shire Cocktails

Our Cocktail menu includes Bloody Mary (1, 3, 10), Pisco Sour (3), Eriador Martini (1), The Boromir (1), Ollie’s Old Fashioned (1), Ginli (1), Mordorita, Smeagol on the Beach (1) … and not forgetting our fabulous signature house cocktail “Hobbit Juice” (1)[ Secret Family Recipe! ].

All for just €10 each (except Ollie’s Old Fashioned which is €11.50)


1 Gluten
2 Crustaceans
3 Eggs
4 Fish
5 Molluscs

6 Soybeans
7 Peanuts
8 Nuts
9 Milk
10 Celery

11 Mustard
12 Sesame Seeds
13 Sulphites
14 Lupin