The Bar

Home of our Shire Beers….


Bilbo’s Beer

American Pale Ale, crisp and refreshing with orangey citrus undertones finishing clean and dry. 4.5% ABV.


Frodo’s Lager

Cold Lagered Kolsch. This Kolsch-style beer is crisp, clean and refreshing. 4.2% ABV.


Gandalf’s Ale

The Old Man loved the Irish Red Ale! This Irish Red Ales is a nice, malty beer with caramel, coffee and chocolate flavours and a gentle hop balance. It is a deep ruby red colour. 4.2% ABV.


€2.50 for a Glass/ 1/2 pint and €4.80 for a Tankard


We also have a locally brewed Blonde Ale from Killarney Brewing Company for €5.50


Shire Shots

Fires of Mordor
A Blend of Amaretto and Southern Comfort.

Kings of Gondor
Cointreau and Peach Schnapps with a drop of Grenadine.

Sambuca and Kahlua topped with Baileys.

Get Legolas
Layers of Grenadine, Vodka and Blue Curacao.

All just €4.60 each

Shire Gin & Tonics

We now also have a collection of Shire Gin & Tonics:

House Gin & Tonic – €6.50

Why not try one of our Dressed Gin & Tonics:

Gordons, Tonic, Raspberries & Lemon – €7.00
Dingle, Tonic & Lime – €7.00
Bombay, Tonic & Orange Peel – €7.00
Tanqueray, Tonic & Grapefruit – €8.00
Hendricks, Tonic & Cucumber – €8.00
Tanqueray 10, Grapefruit, Strawberries & Cucumber – €9.00

Shire Cocktails


Ginli – Gin, Elderflower, Fresh Lemon & Mint
Middle Earth Mojito – Rum, Lime, Mint & Sugar
Sméagol On The Beach – Vodka, Peach Schnapps & Orange Juice
Mordorita – Tequila, Cointreau & Lime

And not forgetting our fabulous signature house cocktail “Hobbit Juice” [ Secret Family Recipe! ].

All for just €9 each