The Cafe

Sit and Relax while enjoying one our specialty coffees in a stylish, modern setting.

The Cafe offers a range of wines, beers & spirits, there is something to suit all tastes.

Trust us – this place is a must for all you coffee lovers out there.

Breakfast, Lunch and a Scrumptious Sunday Brunch menu available.

Hot Beverages Menu

Sit in    To Go
Americano €2.50 €2.30
Latte €2.90 €2.70
Cappuccino €2.90 €2.70
Flat White €2.70 €2.50
Mocha €3.30 €3.10
Hot Chocolate €3.00 €2.80
Regular Tea €2.20
Herbal Tea €2.40
Almond Milk €0.40
Soya Milk €0.40
Syrup €0.40